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Tresors Hideaway

Luxury now is all about the little things: the only things that matter.

The ultimate Luxury? Time.
Tresors Hideaway creates wonderful intimate moments, customized experiences, throughout the world.

Wherever you stay, we’ll make it a stay to remember:

Spend time with those who matter most, explore a destination, relax, unwind and play experiences, each crafted to enhance and elevate life.


Great outdoors in a remote part of a country, locations designed to be your home away from home, exclusive retreats, private villas, delights of a holiday aboard a sailing ship or yacht, private jet… Luxury can’t be limited – only experienced.
Tresors Hideaway gives a lifestyle experience where every need and desire is fulfilled for each customer individually.


We are working with partners who share our values and principles: consistency in service, high levels in professionalism, commitment, confidentiality, exquisite attention to detail.
Partners that are passionate, that want achieve excellence, that understand partnerships, that –together- we are going to create and deliver amazing results.
Mutual passion, that makes a difference to one’s quality of travel.


Come along and enter our kaleidoscope of tremendous getaways to beauties and mysteries of the world, create your own moments where keepsakes are forever.
Mind, body and soul.